Buy property to rent it out

The value of real estate.

To sell an apartment or to buy a house, to buy a property or a holiday home – in these real estate transactions there are many legal questions that can be very difficult to answer without the help of an experienced lawyer.

The value of real estate is undeniable for the owner. It’s no secret that the average family has been working hard for more than a year to raise money to buy their own home. The attractiveness of real estate investments for the business is also not questioned, especially for the purpose of subletting. The unavoidable consequence of these realities, however, is that fraudulent dealings with property and dishonest actors are emerging in the real estate market.

Why is legal assistance required for a real estate transaction?

The appropriateness of accompanying a real estate transaction with a qualified employee leaves no doubt. In practice, many often rely only on their strength when buying or selling real estate. However, it is better to entrust the transaction support with large sums to a trusted law firm with many years of experience. At the same time you save finances and get full confidence in the outcome of the transaction.
Real estate agencies are not as close to the process of supporting real estate transactions as a professional lawyer. In reality, the agency only acts as a mediator and is unable to carry out a legal analysis of the contract and all documents required for the real estate.

VDR for every transaction.

The legal supervision of a real estate transaction by the lawyers of our company takes on a number of tasks in order to achieve a one hundred percent result:

  • Review of land in registers for the presence of third party rights, arrests;
  • Reviewing the powers of representatives of the parties, checking the availability and legality of the documents of the parties on the property;
  • the choice of the most acceptable form of contract to minimize taxes;
  • legal analysis and preparation of a unique transfer agreement, taking into account your needs;
  • Negotiation support;
  • Transaction support at the notary;
  • Support and verification of the legality of settlements;
  • Support of registration of real estate rights in the state property register.

For any transaction, it is very important to use VDR like, which has many features, including confidentiality of data storage. Virtual Datarooms are easy to use. You can view protected documents in their original format without using plug-ins. You do not need to install software or download programs. For all projects there is a single login and a single password. It’s very convenient to see the contents of a virtual dataroom through a mobile-friendly interface.